LG G5 scheduled to launch during MWC 2016??

courtesy : lg mobile website

LG Mobile is one of the mobile handset manufacturing company who is really been hard by Chinese whitebox sellers but that have not stopped company to keep on introducing new devices in the market.

One Chinese tipster Zebler have recently confirmed on Weibo that LG may launch their new flagship G5 during next Mobile World Congress (MWC) during 2016 February.

One shocking revelation was LG G5 may not have fingerprint scanner but it shall have iris scanner. and this is a shocker as most of the flagship devices uses fingerprint scanner only. However, couple of windows “Hello” phones have been found using iris scanners. But, iris scanner is still failed to produce a super hit phone.

LG G5 is expected to have 2K resolution screen and 21MP Rear Camera and at least 8MP Front Camera. However, we have not received any news about processor of the phone.

We are surprised with LG Mobile’s decision of bringing iris scanner over this model and our queries sent to company did not get any response.

LG Mobile remained tight lipped about availability and expected price of the phone.