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To promote & encourage consumers for 4G adaption, today Microsoft & Airtel have announced partnership to market each others’ devices and services. Though the final information on the same is not yet announced but we believe that Microsoft’s latest Lumia devices will have free bundled 4G plans to introduce with. Confirming the same, we have came to know that soon some official announcement will be made for Microsoft’s latest Lumia 950 & Lumia 950XL where bundled 4G will be offered to the customers.

We are also expecting that this deal will also help Microsoft’s up-coming budget 4G phone in India – dubbed as Lumia 550. Lumia 550 is going to operate exclusively on single 4G band, 1800 MHz where Airtel is reportedly very strong.

However, this agreement not of exclusive nature. Both the parties are open to form such relationship with other parties as well. We have recently reported that Datawind is also talking with Airtel to offer such bundled offer with their cheapest 4G offering which is slated to launch in February, 2016.

Earlier also, while launching XBox 360 in India, both the companies have agreed on similar kind of partnership.

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