As the time progressed in Year 2015 – we have seen many Chinese intruders have taken away business from many Indian companies as well competitors like Samsung, Sony, HTC. Big brands may call them Chinese white box sellers but many of these Chinese players are emerging on top with top-of-the-line specifications at very affordable prices and we guess that is what make them acceptable in Indian markets.

One such model is Coolpad Note 3 – we have just tried our hand on this model and sharing our opinions.

Phone Build & Feel Coolpad Note 3 sports 5.5-Inch Screen and quite big screen by regular standards but there is fun to use such big screen phones. However, we have observed that you cannot operate this phone with one-hand operations. It would have been great if the manufacturer have provided buttons over screen to reduce little bit size of the phone.

The back panel of the phone have soft matte texture which provides tighter grip but this also results into smudges.

we can see all aluminum ring over the phone, which is slightly of purple tint. Inside the phone, as company have confirmed you have solid aluminum chassis which is kind of surprise at this kind of price point.

Courtsey : Coolpad India Site

User Interface Now most top manufacturers of China have also started doing customization in Android but this is one area where coolpad lags behind its’ Chinese countersparts like Gionee & Oppo or even Vivo. We didnot like the user interface at all and found it unnecessarily complicated then required. Besides, company have also provided their own application store where you can download third-party apps but we strongly recommend our readers to immediately remove this widget to ensure your phone remain secured.

Screen 5.5-Inch is moolah screen !! Not only the screen is big but it also offers 267 ppi resolution with IPS HD Display. We have tried and successful in viewing movies even at 178 degree viewing angle. The screen offers smooth response and do not lag even while playing HD games.

Courtsey : Coolpad India Site

Processor – Note 3 is equipped with 3GB of RAM and 64-bit OctaCore MT6753 processor which is best in this price range. On top of the same, the phone have got mali T-720 graphic processor which adds vibrancy while producing graphics output over the screen.

Camera with 13MP CMOS Rear camera & 5MP Front camera – you are sure about taking very comfortable sharp pictures. The camera is coming with multiple options like different modes, filters etc.

Battery the phone sports 3000 mAh battery which have enough juice to survive a day. However we have seen that on moderate data usage you can even survive for 2 days of straight usage. We recommend to use any good third-party higher Amp output chargers to charge this phone faster.

Overall Verdict the phone is very much likable if you are budget consumer and particular liking holding bigger screen in your hand. However, we still recommend to check how the phone fits in your palms before making purchase decision.

CoolPad Note 3 is exclusively available on amazon india at INR 8,999