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What happens when mobile hotspot is always on? What happens when mobile hotspot is always on?

Well guys, when you leave your mobile hotspot always on, a couple of things can happen. First, your device battery drains faster because of the increased power demand. Secondly, you might burn through your data plan quicker as any device within range can connect to the Internet through your hotspot. Plus, there's a potential security risk, as it leaves your phone vulnerable to hackers. Lastly, your device might heat up, affecting its performance and lifespan.

Why are Chinese mobile so cheap? Why are Chinese mobile so cheap?

In my recent research, I discovered why Chinese mobiles are so affordable. The primary reason is the low production costs in China due to cheap labor and local sourcing of components. In addition, high competition among Chinese manufacturers leads to further price reductions. The Chinese government's support and subsidies also play a significant role in reducing the price. However, a lower price tag does not necessarily mean lower quality, as many Chinese mobile brands offer advanced features and good performance.